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Our company started at July, 2006 in order to take a role of specialty venture business for commercializing enzyme and the fermentation technology in the industrial biotechnology.

BEAMS means " the Biotechnology for Enzyme and Applied Molecular Science". We have tried to develop sustainable new process, which is environmentally friend, energy efficient, safe & sustainable to human, by adapting and improving the industrial biotechnology suitable to chemical processes.

Since the industrial biotechnology is complex, solution will come from integrated, multidisciplinary approaches. Mostly partnership and/or cooperation will make this happen by sharing strengths in technology, raw materials access, market penetration and the win-win strategy.

We hope that our company becomes a seed to nourish Korean biotechnology industry with building-up networks, exchanging commercialization experiences, and founding research grants and awards. We aim high in biotechnology, and will invest our all resources so as to enable long healthy economic activity and ultimate welfare for all peoples in the world.
" All the Best, Greeting from the President of BEAMS Biotechnology "

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